giovedì 18 gennaio 2018

The 3 Big Reasons Why Fetal Heart Monitors Are Dangerous and Should Be Avoide

Most to-be parents agree that there is no happier moment than when they first hear their baby’s heartbeat. The moment is overwhelming and brings out feels that most people cannot explain. Medical Science and technology has to take a lot of credit for this feeling since because of the innovations, you get to hear the heartbeat along with monitoring the uterus contractions and the mothers’ health. They are not easily available in compact sizes to take home so that you can monitor your fetus’s health along with your own in the comfort of your own home.
However, as time has passed, many doctors and researchers have opposed the at home Doppler for many reasons. It is said that they are dangerous and can affect both the bodies in a negative way. The following are the 3 Big Reasons Why Fetal Heart Monitors Are Dangerous and Should Be Avoided.
1.      Lack of training
Even though technology has done us a favor and made it available at homes, it is still not a very good idea to do this sonography yourself. Since you will have a lack of training, you may harm yourself during the procedure. Sometimes food digesting can sound like a heartbeat and that may mislead you.
Most of the times, the mothers only get satisfied with the heartbeat and because they are not trained professionally, they do not understand the position of the baby which may be hazardous. Moreover, because of the lack of training and understanding, you may hear the beat but you may not recognize the change that takes place which can be the reason behind a potential problem.  
2.      Medical Issues
In a recent study, it was shown that many mothers felt a discomfort during their pregnancy and they satisfied themselves hearing the heartbeat on the fetal heart monitor only. This act later caused a delay in the medical treatment that in fact has to be done and caused misguidance and putting the baby in jeopardy. This reason is another and a very strong one to avoid using a heart monitor at home.
Another reason is that sometimes the heartbeat is difficult to hear, in the mentioned state, mothers seem to excessively stress out and cause more harm to their body than necessary. They may also cause their uterus contractions to increase and cause themselves discomfort.
3.      Incorrect machine
Believe it or not, the market has many different brands that have fetal heart monitors. Not all companies make a professionally accepted design which is harmless. The waves that some of these machines produce give out a negative impact on the baby which causes physical deformities and in some cases even a miscarriage. The FDA has in fact, not at all recommended having a fetal heart monitor at home because of the lack of quality in most of the machine brands that are in the market.

The last time a professional declared these machines safe was back in 1993 which is over twenty-four years old now; and in that time, the machines have gotten a lot more intense. 

sabato 13 gennaio 2018

Portafoglio da donna: Stilord

Care amiche,come state? Eccomi pronta per recensire il primo prodotto di questo 2018. Si tratta di un portafoglio in pelle ricevuto in regalo da mio marito. Se vi piace potrete acquistarlo su AMAZON... Intanto vi mostro la foto

Che ne dite? Non è bellissimo? Come potete vedere dalla foto allegata, è composto da:

-2 scomparti per le banconote 

-8 fessure per le carte di credito

-2 tasche piatte per riporre scontrini e banconote

Nella foto che segue vi mostro il portafoglio con ciò che potrete riporre
A me è piaciuto moltissimo, l'ottima qualità della pelle, insieme al design STILORD, lo rendono  un piccolo capolavoro di pelletteria, un fedele compagno per la vita di tutti i giorni. E' Abbastanza capiente e permette di portare con se, anche la certa d'identità formato cartaceo, tessere varie e banconote.
Ora vi saluto e vi invito a farmi sapere cosa ne pensate. A presto con un'altra recensione


Care amiche, ritorno a scrivere sul mio blog, dopo la pausa estiva, e devo dire di essere molto felice di parlarvi e presentarvi questa nuo...